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Joe Ledesma

Post by Joe Ledesma » Mon Nov 05, 2001 12:30 pm

When since do Arcades have rapid fire except built in....built in
rapid fire is acceptable at MARP. If you use a button that acts as
if it is tapping a button many many times when you hold it down then
that is not allowed in MARP. Like in Bosconian, if you hold the
button down, shots keep coming out. That is fine. I hope you
understand, if not, just ask questions. In life force, it appears
that you are able to hold down the button and shots will come out
sorta fast. With a "real" rapid fire button, it shoots much faster,
but is not allowed.



Post by tkx@Team2ch » Mon Nov 05, 2001 12:30 pm

Of course, rapidfire which I say is by the machine.
It is like for example, taking a signal from the VSYNC of a screen.


> life force
NES version?


Joe Ledesma

Post by Joe Ledesma » Mon Nov 05, 2001 12:30 pm

No, Life Force Arcade version. I haven't played the NES version in a
LONG time :)


Francois Daniel

Post by Francois Daniel » Mon Nov 05, 2001 12:30 pm

Hey, I was in awe when I see the fabulous score in Gamest. If you
said me they've made with auto-fire... So, it's always great
score... as the one over 9 millions at Argos no Senchi I see one day
on Gamest. How he made it, it's impossible to reach this score. 7
millions I think it's possible, but not 9 or 10. There are another 1
million hidden somewhere Hisa ? If you know that game.